About Me

My name is Meredith.

I was born and bred in Durban. As a child, I grew up in a broken home. No one ever really healed from that divorce. We handle our emotions much better, obviously with age. No one holds grudges either. The bible describes it as a ripping of flesh, and it was just that.

While this trauma was happening, I was given God’s Grace and He was always close to me and has been ever since. I was 6 when I had my first supernatural encounter with God. I remember it as clear as if it were yesterday. I’ve always been conscious and very aware of the spirit realm. As I grew older I studied what I could on the subject as much as I could. Not being in the digital age, content was very unchecked and not as easily available as it is today. The bible was what I most studied, mainly the original Hebrew and Greek text. God granted me the desire to help and heal people. So I ventured of into the medical field as a pharmaceutical and surgical rep. It never ever scratched that “itch” though. So I made a worldly decision and got into another career just for the financial gain. I met incredible people on that journey.  God never abandons you, even when you make silly decisions. In fact, it is how I met my incredible husband! My soul was so starved not being where it was meant to be! It was horrendous!

Then Covid-19 came and I lost my job. It forced me to look at my God given talents and practice Reiki seriously, gain as much knowledge about natural (God created) positive energies that improves people’s quality of lives by harnessing their energies, such a crystals, essential oils, Reiki, distant healings, Angel Healings (the list is long). I have many certifications in various fields. It is incredible to witness the healing first hand, an honour, truly! I am finally living my best life. If you take one message away from reading my story, it is to give into that itch from God! He will be waiting with many blessings friend!

The crystals are selected individually by myself due to the energies I receive from them and so I make sure I am 100% satisfied before sending each crystal to its forever home. The majority of my crystals are imported.

You’re welcome to have a look through my Certifications

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