Amazonite Information

Crystal System: Triclinic
Hardness: 6 – 6.5
Chakra: Heart and Throat
Number: 5
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Planet: Uranus
Element: Water
​Source: Austria, Brazil, Canada, India, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia ​and USA
Beneficial For: Strength, Love & Relationships, Joy, Inspiration, Communication, Truth, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Insight, Alignment of Chakras, Adventures, Enlightenment, Inner Peace, Peace of Mind, Self Discovery, Trust, Life Path

Amazonite, is a variety of feldspar, called Microcline. Its bright, saturated, turquoise colors reminiscent of the Amazon Rain forest give the name to this stone. Amazonite is a master filter and blocker of many negative energies and entities.

Amazonite is a stone of peace, truth, harmony, and communication. It gently soothes the nerves, and it’s energies can be felt to the touch. This stone radiates blue rays full of rejuvenating vibrations that are here to calm the heart. Any environment that Amazonite is placed in will calm the energy and fill the air with positive energies. It’s been called the “peacemaker stone” due to its communicative abilities.

In ancient times, Amazonite was used to decorate the halls of the beloved dead. A famous example comes from King Tutankhamen’s golden face mask, which was covered in amazonite as well as lapis and carnelian. ​​Today we know Amazonite as the Hope Stone, particularly useful in manifestation. Practitioners of the Law of Attraction will note the stones use and strength during daily meditation and setting intentions to the universe for manifestation. Amazonite has become a soothing respite from the stress-filled, technology-addicted world we live in. From its bright bold hues, to its soothing touch, Amazonite can be the best addition to a new crystal collection. Meditation with this bright turquoise stone will accelerate higher spiritual connection and is an excellent stone for protecting against karmic entanglements and re-connection.

Amazonite in Egypt
Also called Amazon stone, it was used since about 3000 BCE for decorations, amulets, vessels, beads, and as a gemstone. Amazonite was considered one of the six most precious stones in Pharaonic Egypt.

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