Clear Quartz (Rock Quartz)

Crystal System: Hexagonal
Hardness: 7
Chakra: Harmonizes All and Aligns the Aura
Energy Vibration: 4
Zodiac Sign: All
Planet: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Moon
Element: Fire, Water
Source: Worldwide
Beneficial For: Psychic Abilities, Meditation, Clearing, Physical Healing, Cleansing, Expanded Awareness, Communication With Higher Realms, Communication with Guides, Enhancing, Dispelling Negative Energy, Intention Enhancement, Transformation, Protection, Self-Healing

Quartz gets its name from the German word, “quarz” meaning hard. The ancient greeks called it “krustallos” meaning icy cold, as many of the ancient philosophers believed it to be a supercooled ice.

Clear Quartz are programmable, they can be any crystal’s energy you need. That is why it is hailed as The Master Healer.

Quartz Crystal is one of the most powerful healing and energy amplifiers on the planet due to its helical spiral crystalline form. Quartz Crystal absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. Quartz Crystal protects against radiation, generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity. Quartz crystal works at a vibrational level; attuning energies with to the specific requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. Quartz crystal raises energy to the highest possible level and works on all levels of being. Quartz crystal stores information like a natural computer. Quartz crystals are a spiritual library waiting to be accessed. Quartz Crystals have the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. Quartz Crystal enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose.

Native Americans refer to quartz as the brain cells of Grandmother Earth. Containing every colour, Clear Quartz works on multidimensional levels of being. Generating electromagnetism and dispelling static electricity, it is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier. Quartz absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and when held in hand, the body’s own bio magnetic field, and vibration expand. Working at a vibrational level, attuned specifically to the user, quartz takes energy to its most perfect state, before disease sets in, acting as a deep soul cleanser. Quartz is for the soul what charcoal masks are for the face, really getting deep and cleaning house. Quartz works like a giant cosmic computer, storing information and enhancing metaphysical abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose. Quartz wands in addition to carrying the traits of clear quartz, also emit a positive and negative electric charge. Wands will amplify energy and focus it where it is needed or draws it as appropriate. A quartz wand reaches the underlying causes of disease and transform it.

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Chakras and Crystals

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Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 5
Chakra: Heart
Energy Vibration: 8
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Source: Namibia, Kazakhstan and Arizona
Beneficial For: Relaxation, Life Path, Light, Living in the Present Moment, Mastering Fear, Meditation, New beginnings, Nourishing and Rejuvenation, Nurturing, Motivation, Opportunities, PTSD, Passion, Peace of Mind, Joy, Resolution, Self-Discovery, Self- Healing, Sense of Purpose, Selflessness, Soothing, Stress relief, Transformation, Trauma, Trust, Truth, Love & Relationships, Anxiety Relief, Breaking addictions, Calming and Patience, Claiming Wholeness, Cleansing, Clearing, Compassion, Consciousness, Creating Your Own Reality, Emotional Understanding, Empathy, Enlightenment, Expanded awareness, Generosity, Gentle Self-Expression, Grief and Mourning, Growth, Inner Peace, Insight

Dioptase is a vibrant talisman of the heart that can help one relinquish extremely sensitive emotions such as grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and self-hate. This special mineral exposes one’s heart and brings about soothing waves of life force energy that helps “reset” one’s emotional body. Each day this stone will pull out more strength from one’s body that may have gone dormant. This strength will eventually become so overwhelming that it will naturally raise one’s self confidence and courage levels, forcing you to take action and make a change. This change can be something as small as removing a bad habit from your lifestyle or taking on a new activity that will help you grow on the path you ever so desire.

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Orange Calcite

Crystal System: Hexagonal
Hardness: 3
Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus
Energy Vibration: 8
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Star: Sun
Element: Fire
Source: Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Iceland, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, UK, and USA
Beneficial For: Meditation, Exercising and Sports, Creativity, Sexuality, Confidence, Gentle Self-Expression, Self-Discovery, Expansion, Creating Your Own Reality, Energy Transfer, Inspiration, Fertility and Pregnancy

Orange Calcite is the perfect stone to use when trying to unlock and unleash ones creative or sexual energies. It’s one of the very few stones that help circulate these energies throughout the body, assisting in removing certain blockages when needed. When our creative and sexual energies are flowing freely (Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras), we become more comfortable with ourselves and the current action at hand. This usually leads to an increase in confidence and self esteem. We always recommend Orange Calcite for anyone who feels down on themselves. This calcite variety is a very positive and uplifting stone. It’s orange rays mirror that of the sun, producing and unleashing certain endorphins within the body. Anyone who is looking for the “fire” to be re-lit inside of them, this is the stone for you.

Orange Calcite helps one mobilize one’s energies and resources for all types of activities, especially those involving creativity and/or sexuality. It is ideal for those who are looking for new and innovative strategies for dealing with long-standing problems or stalled projects. Orange Calcite gets the energy moving and encourages one to see old dilemmas in new ways, so that the solution is right before one’s eyes. Orange Calcite can be used for healing emotional issues related to wounds to one’s sexuality, creativity and/or will. It can be an ally for those working to recover from childhood experiences of shame and even deep issues like sexual abuse. Orange Calcite invigorates playfulness and encourages confidence. It can be a catalyst for inspiration and even a kind of mineral aphrodisiac. It will affect different people in different ways, according to their needs and receptivity.

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Also called Celestine.

Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Hardness: 3 – 3.5
Chakra: Etheric, Crown, Third Eye and Throat
Energy Vibration: 2 & 8
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Planet: Venus, Neptune
Element: Air
Source: Madagascar mainly. Small deposits are found worldwide.
Beneficial For: Retrograde, Meditation, Creativity, Psychic Abilities, Calming and Patience, Dreams, Clarity, Cleansing, Angelic Communication, Attunement With Higher Realms, Communication With Higher Realms, Elimination Toxins, Lucid Dreaming, Communication, Resolution

Celestite is a very high vibrational stone making it highly sought after. Predominantly used for Angelic Communication, Clarity and Connection. This mineral works towards activating your third eye and crown chakra while creating a clear channel between the two. Your unique psychic abilities will become activated, helping to see and understand messages at a much higher energetic level. These messages are here to serve you on your life path and provide much-needed signs along the way. Some of these experiences include ESP, astral projection, lucid dreaming, deja vu, and connection with your guardian angels. When you first start working with Celestite, you will immediately notice how much more vivid your dreams are. Having lucid dreams will allow you to understand the images with more clarity. Everything you see in the dream realm is important and has a special meaning as to why you dreamt it. As you continue to meditate and work with Celestite, you will be able to have more control over your dreams and what happens within them. We suggest placing a piece of Celestite next to your bedside so you can better channel its energies.

Celestite’s energies also provide calming and soothing vibrations that will radiate into your aura and emotional body. These energies will help “cool” fiery emotions that you keep hidden within yourself daily. It will push you to maintain mental clarity so that you are able to make non-emotional decisions. Simply placing a large piece of Celestite on your work desk or in your bedroom can have ample pacifying effects on your mind and body.

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Palo Santo

What is Palo Santo?
Indigenous Palo Santo (found in Ecuador and Peru), or and Bulnesia Sarmientoi (found in parts of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia) is a sacred tree traditionally used by Indigenous communities as a sacred practice. Shamans burn Palo Santo sticks in bundles to cleanse their space and ward off spirits. Palo Santo in Spanish is holy stick.

The therapeutic benefits of Palo Santo are many, with it being highly medicinal and healing. The only way to get the full benefit of this tree is by letting it die naturally, and allowing it a four to ten year resting period on the forest floor. The highest quality oils form in the aged heartwood, which is used in sacred ceremonies and to heal by specific local cultures.

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Golden Healer

Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 7
Chakra: Ehtheric, Crown, Third Eye, Root, Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart. Clears all chakras.
Energy Vibration: 11
Zodiac Sign: All
Planet: Sun
Element: Earth, Fire
Source: Brazil and Madagascar
Beneficial For: Joy, Peace, Christ Consciousness, Golden ray/light Work, Self Healing, Compassion, Empathy, Positive Energy, Amplifying, Raising Vibrations, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Awareness

The Golden Ray energy of the Golden Healer may represent the Divine Spirit, Source and Creation. A Master Healer, the Golden Healer is of the highest vibration. Its energy is powerful, yet gentle and soothing.

It will activate healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Golden Healer Quartz is believed to help maintain contact with the spiritual world. Amplify one’s sense of Earth Christ Consciousness. It will help you access the highest vibrations so that you can raise the frequencies in your body and release blockages and unwanted energies. This crystal has a high level of life force energy. Holding it helps calm anger, dissolve negative emotions, and promote compassion and empathy.

The Golden Healer is a powerful healing crystal as it allows the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the upper Chakras. The energy then spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing. Golden Healer crystal enhances joy, balances yin and yang energies and aligns all chakras.

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Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 7
Chakra: All, depending on colour
Energy Vibration: 5
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Planet: Earth
Element: Fire, Earth
Source: Windalia Radiolarite in Western Australia
Rarity: Rare
Beneficial For: Meditation, Power, Physical Healing, Personal Will, Peace of Mind, Passion, Opportunities, Nurturing, Nourishing and Rejuvenation, New Beginnings, Motivation, Prosperity, Manifestation, Life Path, Leadership, Knowledge, Joy, Intuition, Inspiration, Spiritual Awakening, Wisdom, Trauma, Transformation, Stress Relief, Strength, Sense of Purpose, Protection, Animal Communication, Adventures, Abundance, Breaking Addictions, Grounding, Focus, Enlightenment, Decisiveness, Creativity, Creating Your Own Reality, Courage, Confidence

Mookaite has energies that enrich one’s trust and love for Mother Earth and all of her beauty. One will find themselves more aware of nature and life around them, as well as developing a connection with the animals we see each day, both wild and domestic. Mookaite grounds your mind, heart, and soul down to a planetary level and helps one truly live in the moment. To do this, one must relinquish any and all ideas that do not deal with the “right now”. These future emotions that we’re subconsciously manifesting take their toll on our bodies day in and day out. Fear, anxiety, loneliness, and depression are all common symptoms of failing to live in the present moment. Mookaite’s bold and bright natural colors are a reminder that beauty is all around you, including within. Use the energies and the lessons this stone offers (through deep meditation), and one will soon learn how to “stop and smell the roses”. This mentality will not only save your emotional body, but also give you the chance to grow each day, no matter the circumstances.

Mining Mookaite
When mining this mineral, one must dig through decomposed Radiolarian clay, which unfortunately is the floor bedding of a small creek. This makes it extremely difficult at times to extract Mookaite, as well as the amount of rock usually lost due to crumbling. This happens because of the diversity and uniqueness of this mineral. Every piece has a different chemical make up, with some containing more Chert than Chalcedony, and vice versa. Pieces with higher Chert content tend to wither, fracture, and crumble with ease. As opposed to the Chalcedony-rich Mookaite, which has a hardness of a 7 and can be cut, polished, and carved.

Super 7

Hardness: 7
Chakra: Etheric Chakra, Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra
Energy Vibration: 5 & 9
Zodiac Sign: Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Planet: Mars, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Earth, Venus, Mercury
Element: All
Source: Brazil
Beneficial For: Expanded Awareness, Meditation, Living in the Present Moment, Knowledge, Intuition, Interdimensional Communication, Inspiration, Insight, Higher Self, Growth, Gentle Self-Expression, New Beginnings, Enlightenment, Enhancing, Energy Transfer, Determination, Decisiveness, Creating our Own Reality, Consciousness, Communication with Guides, Communication With Higher Realms, Self- Healing, Wisdom, Transformation, Stress Relief, Soothing, Spiritual Awakening, Sense of Purpose, Selflessness, Self-Discipline, Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations, Self-Discovery, Resolution, Relaxation, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities, Physical Healing, Peace of Mind, Past Life Recall, Past Lives, Opportunities, Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, Attunement With Higher realms, Astral Travel, Attraction, Attunement, Ascension, Anxiety Relief, Angelic Communication, Ancient knowledge, Alignment with the Higher Self

Super Seven, also known as Melody Stone or Sacred Stone, is an extremely rare mineral with seven crystals in one. The crystals are Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Quartz (which all the minerals are usually naturally encased in). This unique mineral only has one small locality in the entire world, and that mine is currently flooded and underwater. The mine was located in Brazil, in the tiny southeastern coastal state known as Espírito Santo.

Super Seven is the key ingredient to accessing the spirit realm and unlocking the knowledge and ancient beings within. The high frequency of this stone helps one attune their energy to that of celestial beings, allowing one to better understand the meaning and purpose of their soul. Super Seven helps provide answers to questions one may have for an entire lifetime, while also ushering in the ability to connect to one’s past life experiences. These past life episodes contain ancient knowledge one has been able to carry with them for multiple lifetimes. This unique blend of minerals helps bring this knowledge to the forefront, so that it may be unlocked and used in one’s current life.

Working with Super Seven repeatedly will help expand one’s consciousness while pushing for complete mental clarity. This stone helps bring the strength of one’s mind to the forefront, unlocking it and pushing one to process lingering thoughts and emotions. Once one is able to begin clearing their mind, they can then begin the journey of channeling the higher knowledge down to an earthly plane. Once this energy is grounded, it can then be used to push one in the direction of their most desired dreams.

Hematoid Quartz

Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 7
Chakra: Root
Energy Vibration: 7
Zodiac Sign: Libra, Pisces, Aquarius
Planet: Sun, Earth
Element: Fire, Earth
Source: Brazil, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique and Sri Lanka.
Beneficial For: Resolution, Longevity, Manifestation, Mastering Fear, Meditation, Mental Enhancement, Motivation, New Beginnings, Nourishing and Rejuvenation, Nurturing, Opportunities, Power, Physical Healing, Protection, Living in the Present Moment, Relaxation, Sense of Purpose, Spiritual Awakening, Stress Relief, Transformation, Wisdom, Consciousness, Adventures, Clairvoyance, Confidence, Courage, Creating Your Own Reality, Determination, Decisiveness, Enlightenment, Grounding, Inspiration

Hematoid Quartz contains both the amplification properties of Quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite.

It is a highly energetic piece that can assist not only in removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting this energy into a positive and pure Universal light of love.

The combination of Quartz and Hematite balances the body, mind and spirit. It brings a unique clarity and understanding to the emotions, helping to understand the difference between an unconscious reaction and a conscious response. Hematoid Quartz also assists when Self Worth and Self Esteem are lacking.

Hematoid Quartz enhances focus and concentration and would be especially helpful for those with ADD and ADHD. Those with short attention spans or have trouble completing projects would benefit from holding or carrying Hematoid Quartz. Use Hematoid Quartz for grounding and balance when feeling scattered. It can also be used to calm anxieties, panic and/or hysteria.

Although Red Quartz is not a protection stone, it does offer up very powerful protective energies of our emotional bodies and auric fields. Just as our spirit and overall energy begins to strengthen as we grow with Red Quartz, so does the etheric shield this mineral provides. One can freely walk into environments full of negative vibrations without the fear of absorbing them. Evil deities that wish us harm and serve us no good do not stand a chance.