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Enhydro Agate Information

Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 6.5 – 7
Chakra: Crown, Third Eye and Throat
Energy Vibration: 9
Zodiac Sign: All
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Source: Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India, and Morocco.
Beneficial For: improves intuition, enhances spiritual connections, amplify intentions, clear blockages, promotes forgiveness, emotional healing, adaptation, purification, promotes inner peace and harmony.

Enhydro Agate: A Crystal of Mystery and Spiritual Connection

Enhydro Agate is a unique and fascinating crystal that is known for its ability to hold water inside its natural cavities. This water is said to be over 2 million years old. It is also referred to as Enhydros Agate, Agate Enhydro, or Hydro Agate. This crystal is a type of chalcedony, which is a mineral that belongs to the quartz family. It is found in various parts of the world, and each location produces a unique variety of Enhydro Agate.

Mine Locations of the Best Quality: Enhydro Agate is primarily found in Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States. Brazilian Enhydro Agate is considered to be the most beautiful and of the highest quality. It is found in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil, specifically in the city of Agudo. Other notable locations for this crystal include Mexico, Russia, India, and Morocco.

What Minerals Make Up this Crystal: Enhydro Agate is made up of a variety of minerals, including silica, chalcedony, quartz, and calcite. The water that is trapped inside the crystal cavities is believed to contain various minerals, which can add to the crystal’s metaphysical properties.

Rarity: Enhydro Agate is considered to be rare and highly sought after by collectors and crystal enthusiasts. Its unique ability to hold water inside its cavities adds to its rarity and mystique.

Range of Colours: Enhydro Agate comes in a range of colours, including brown, black, white, and grey. It can also have bands of colour running through it, giving it a striped appearance.

Historical Use: Enhydro Agate has been used for centuries by various cultures for its healing and metaphysical properties. It was used by ancient Egyptians to promote strength and courage, while Native American tribes used it for protection and to connect with the spirit world.

Lightworker’s Use: Enhydro Agate is believed to enhance spiritual connections and promote a sense of calm and balance. Lightworkers may use it during meditation or energy healing sessions to help release emotional blockages and connect with their higher self.

Spiritual Benefits: Enhydro Agate is believed to have a range of spiritual benefits, including promoting a sense of inner peace, improving intuition, and enhancing spiritual connections. It is also believed to help release emotional blockages and promote forgiveness.

Metaphysical Uses: Enhydro Agate is a powerful crystal for manifestation and creating positive change. It is believed to help amplify intentions and clear blockages that may be holding one back from achieving their goals. It is also believed to help balance the chakras and promote overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Physical Healing Benefits: Enhydro Agate is believed to have a range of physical healing benefits, including promoting healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and easing symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is also believed to be beneficial for the respiratory system and can help alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Feng Shui Use: Enhydro Agate is believed to have a grounding and stabilizing energy that can be beneficial for creating a harmonious home or workspace. It can be placed in the centre of a room or on a desk to promote balance and clarity of thought. It is also believed to be beneficial for those who work in creative fields, as it can help stimulate inspiration and creativity.

Enhydro Agate is a truly unique and mysterious crystal that has been revered for centuries for its healing and spiritual properties. Its ability to hold water inside its cavities adds to its rarity and mystique, and it is highly sought after by collectors and crystal enthusiasts. Whether used for physical healing, spiritual connection, or creative inspiration, Enhydro Agate is a powerful tool to use in your daily practices.


Unfortunately, like many other popular crystals, fake Enhydro Agate crystals exist in the market. Some unscrupulous sellers may inject liquid into the natural cavities of regular agate crystals and pass them off as genuine Enhydro Agate. This practice is known as “juicing” or “watering.” These fake crystals may appear similar to the genuine ones at first glance, but upon closer inspection, the injected liquid may have air bubbles or may not move as freely as genuine Enhydro Agate. It is essential to purchase crystals from reputable sellers and to educate oneself on the characteristics of genuine Enhydro Agate to avoid being misled by these fake crystals.

It is important to note that crystal healing and other alternative therapies are not intended to replace professional medical treatment. While some people may find benefit from using crystals for healing purposes, they should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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