Green Tourmaline

Crystal System: Trigonal
Hardness: 7 – 7.5
Chakra: Heart
Energy Vibration: 6
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Planet: Venus, Earth
Element: Water, Earth
Source: Brazil, Pakistan, Namibia, Afghanistan, and the United States
Beneficial For: Physical Healing, Grounding, Growth, Inner Peace, Joy, Meditation, Nourishing and Rejuvenation, New Beginnings, Nurturing, Opportunities, Peace of Mind, Relaxation, Resolution, Sense of Purpose, Strength, Stress Relief, Transformation, Trauma, Trust, Truth, Unity of Heart and Will, Creating Your Own Reality, Anxiety Relief, Breaking Addictions, Calming and Patience, Claiming Wholeness, Clairvoyance, Compassion, Connection with Nature, Consciousness, Decisiveness, Determination, Elimination Toxins, Emotional Understanding, Empathy, Enlightenment, Expanded Awareness, Expansion, Focus, Generosity

Green Tourmaline is a stone that warms the heart and helps one rejuvenate vital life-force energy. It’s vibrations help one tune into their emotional body to understand the emotions they feel. So often is our brain full of different stressors that it can lead one to blame how they feel on unrelated variables. Green Tourmaline helps one look past these minor annoyances to get to the root of your emotional pain. One will be able to identify the trauma they’ve been carrying and understand what it is exactly that’s holding them back from moving forward. By working with this stone continuously and tapping into the self-healing energies it provides, one will become more calm and able to look towards finding solutions to heal all emotional pain.

Expanding Your Awareness
Green Tourmaline provides one with a heightened sense of awareness and is here to help you grow into an image of your higher self. Its vibrations push one’s mind to follow their heart and desires. One’s focus becomes laser sharp and actively pushes you to move towards the direction you need to go in. There may be many distractions in your life each day, but Green Tourmaline will provide you with the tunnel vision needed to continue pushing forward.

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