Cherry Blossom Agate Dinosaur


When I hold this little cutie, an old feeling comes to mind when I had my little blankie. That blanket that offered the greatest of comfort to me when I was very small.

That moment when you are really present. Your worries are cast aside, you breathe deeper, you’re humble and so grateful and God really shows off what wonderful world we live in.

This little guy packs a punch of healing vibrations!

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Chemical Formula: SiO2
Group: Silicates – tectosilicates
Crystal System: Trigonal/hexagonal
Hardness: 7
Birthstone: No assigned birthstone
Chakra: Heart
Element: Water

Flower Agate helps one bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting our heart and root chakras together. This unique effect can best be felt through deep meditation, with one solely focusing on their emotional body and it’s current needs. By doing this exercise, one will begin to gain freedom from the deep pain that has attached itself to our hearts and will assist us in looking towards the path of self-improvement. Flower Agate’s energies resonate with one’s core and can help better expose this damaging and sometimes traumatic pain that we still carry. Some of us go about our daily lives not realizing the extra weight that we carry as well as the toll that it takes on our physical and mental health. By releasing the constraints one has unknowingly placed upon themselves, they are able to reignite the ever-lasting love that we all have the ability to release. This pure, undeniably affectionate energy is a direct result of working with Flower Agate. Try placing Flower Agate directly over your heart during meditation, and if willing, add enhancing crystals (Selenite, Quartz) to increase its effects.


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