Ice / Glacial Etched Quartz Floater


Etched crystals are fascinating and powerful beings! The etching generally indicates the crystal is jam packed full of information. Read in the description on how to access the information.

An expert on right timing, Ice Quartz is a useful stone to hold if you wish to know why something has not come to fruition. Works beyond the physical level of being to heal the soul. Use Icy quartz to create sacred spaces in meditation or crystal grids.

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Crystal System: Hexagonal
Hardness: 7
Chakra: Harmonizes All and Aligns the Aura
Energy Vibration: 4
Zodiac Sign: All
Planet/Star: Moon and Sun
Source: Worldwide
Beneficial For: Akashic Records, Bringing the Body into Balance, Efficient Receptor for Programming, Energy Enhancement, Master Healer for any Condition, and Multidimensional Cellular Memory Healing.

Etched Quartz Information
For what and How Does One Use it?
There are many ways to access this wisdom – though the primary way is to use the etching itself. To do this, get comfortable and hold the crystal in your hands – view the etching as a kind of braille language. Clear your mind, and let your hands gently caress the etching on the crystal as if reading braille. Sometimes your hands appear to take on a life of their own, seemingly moving at random – take this as a sign that you are indeed interacting with and “reading” the crystal. Do not be disillusioned if this process does not occur for you, as you may very well be receiving the information at a subconscious level – for later retrieval by your intuition. Another way to access this information is to simply gaze at/into the etching of the quartz crystal. If your eyes start to drift out of focus, this is a good indication you are interfacing with the crystal and it is passing wisdom across to you.

As mentioned above – etching can occur in many different varieties of Quartz. Etching is a good indication that the particular crystal in question is an ancient and knowledgeable being. As with any elder generation, respect and honor goes along way to the wisdom these light beings are willing to share.

Native Americans refer to quartz as the brain cells of Grandmother Earth. Containing every colour, Clear Quartz works on multidimensional levels of being. Generating electromagnetism and dispelling static electricity, it is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier. Quartz absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and when held in hand, the body’s own bio magnetic field, and vibration expand. Working at a vibrational level, attuned specifically to the user, quartz takes energy to its most perfect state, before disease sets in, acting as a deep soul cleanser. Quartz is for the soul what charcoal masks are for the face, really getting deep and cleaning house. Quartz works like a giant cosmic computer, storing information and enhancing metaphysical abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose. Quartz wands in addition to carrying the traits of clear quartz, also emit a positive and negative electric charge. Wands will amplify energy and focus it where it is needed or draws it as appropriate. A quartz wand reaches the underlying causes of disease and transform it.


– Clear the crystal of previous programs or any negative energies that have attached to it.

Safe Cleansing Crystals Methods:
~ Run the items through smoke of white sage or sandalwood. This can be either incense or a smudge stick.
~ Use sound in your area, such as a bell, singing bowl or singing. I prefer using authentic sound, however some people like using their phones to play music.
~ Envisage a white light in your area, covering you and your items. Do this for about 5 min.
~ Submerge them in sand or wholegrain rice over night.

– Decide on intention/program for the Crystal – BE SPECIFIC, choose one very specific focused intention.
– Form one simple statement stating your program in present tense.
– Write it down.

– It is important to be in a relaxed but focused state of mind.
– Focus and relax your gaze on the crystal while clearing your mind of anything but the program statement.
– Read your written statement to transfer your intention by projecting your thought into the crystal, matching your energy with the crystal and holding focus on your intention.
– Repeat your statement as many times as you feel necessary in the moment.
– Focusing on the crystal, visualize/sense/feel your programmed intention on each face of the crystal, imprinting the crystal with your intention.
– Continue this until you intuitively feel satisfied that you have filled the crystal with your program.

-Return to your programmed crystal as often as you feel drawn to, the more consistently the better (e.g. every morning when you wake up, every evening before bed) and reinforce the program.
-Strengthen its call out to the Universe by repeating the program statement aloud or in your mind (you can do this throughout your day wherever you are, does not have to be with the crystal – because most importantly YOU must hold the vibration of what it is you desire).
-Practice visualizing and feeling as if you already have or are already experiencing your programmed intention.
**These suggestions are some ways to help stay in vibration and harmonic resonance with your programmed intention.


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