Oil for Pets

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This oil will assist to treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, pain, symptoms of cancer, gastrointestinal issues and more.

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Ingredients: Raw organic coconut oil, Raw organic Soy, FECO.

– If the oil is congealed/hard from being cold, place bottle into a bowl of warm water for few minutes.
– The bottles come in 30ml (one month supply) or 15ml samples (15 day supply) depending how much is used daily it could last longer.
– The bottles comes with pipettes 30ml = 2ml pipette and 15ml = 1ml pipette.
– Administer the desired dose and put it under your pet’s tongue.
– Always start on a low dose unless specified otherwise and work up to the desired effective dose, preferably not more than 2ml per day.
– The oils take affect within +/-40min of taking the oil, although this can differ from pet to pet as not one body is the same; some pets have a high tolerance and can handle the oils and some have a very low tolerance. Some feel the effects immediately and some it can take longer.
– 0.25ml = 5 drops / 0.50ml = 10 drops / 0.75ml = 15 drops / 1ml = 20 drops
– Probiotics boost the efficacy of the oils, consider including a good probiotic with treatment.

Please note that trial sizes (15ml bottles) are not kept in stock and you will have to allow for 7 – 14 days delivery.

1 review for Oil for Pets

  1. Simone

    I foster rescue dogs. By God’s grace, most I recieve are lovely and don’t require special attention. But some are sick, abused and scared senseless. I used to only administer this to my problem babies and I was amazed at how it helped them progress in therapy. Some dogs get well, some unfortunately are too far gone. But now I give it to all of them because of it’s other health benefits. I just want my babies to live their best lives.

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