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Pink Opal Information

Crystal System: Amorphous
Hardness: 5.5 – 6.5
Chakra: Third Eye, Heart
Energy Vibration: 6
Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth and Water
Source: Australia and South America (Peru)
Beneficial For: Emotional understanding, Love & Relationships, Inner Peace, Grief, Peace of Mind, Selflessness, Self- Healing, Trauma, Stress Relief, Mastering Fear, Anxiety Relief, Sleep, Calming and Patience, Wisdom, Spiritual Awakening, Sense of Purpose, Magic, Good Fortune, Prosperity

Pink opal is a beautiful and versatile gemstone that is highly valued for its delicate pink hues and healing properties.

What locations mine the best quality of material? Pink opal is found in several locations around the world, including Peru, Mexico, Australia, and the United States. The best quality pink opals are found in Peru, where they are mined in the Andes Mountains. The gemstone is formed from silica and has a unique chemical composition that gives it its delicate pink hue.

Historical Use: Opals have been treasured for centuries for their unique beauty and healing properties. In ancient times, opals were believed to have magical properties and were used for protection and good luck. Pink opal, in particular, has been used for emotional healing and spiritual growth. It was also used in jewellery and decorative art in ancient cultures, such as the Incas and Aztecs.

Lightworkers Use: Pink opal is highly valued by lightworkers and healers for its spiritual and emotional healing properties. It is said to be a stone of love and compassion, helping individuals to connect with their inner selves and others on a deeper level. It is also believed to help individuals release negative emotions and trauma, promoting emotional healing and growth.

Spiritual Benefits: In addition to its use by lightworkers, pink opal is believed to have several spiritual benefits. It is said to be a stone of renewal and regeneration, helping individuals to overcome obstacles and move forward with a positive outlook. It is also believed to help individuals connect with their spiritual guides and higher self, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Metaphysical Uses: Pink opal is often used in metaphysical practices such as meditation and chakra healing. It is said to be associated with the heart chakra, promoting love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is also believed to stimulate the sacral chakra, promoting creativity and emotional balance.

Physical Healing Benefits: Pink opal is believed to have several physical healing benefits as well. It is said to help alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and calmness. It is also believed to help with digestion, reducing inflammation and promoting healthy digestion. Additionally, pink opal is said to help with respiratory issues and skin disorders.

Feng Shui: In feng shui, pink opal is believed to bring positive energy and balance to the home. It is said to be associated with the element of water, promoting flow and harmony in all aspects of life. It is often used in feng shui cures to promote emotional healing, creativity, and abundance. It is also associated with Earth energy which promotes grounding, stability, and a sense of connection to nature. It is believed to help individuals feel more rooted and connected to the physical world, promoting a sense of safety and security. Additionally, earth energy is said to promote healing and rejuvenation, as well as a sense of balance and harmony in all aspects of life. Overall, earth energy is believed to promote a sense of wholeness and well-being, helping individuals to feel more cantered and grounded in their daily lives.

Pink Opal is a gemstone that is treasured for its beauty and healing properties. Whether used in jewellery or in spiritual and healing practices, pink opal is a stone that can enhance one’s life in many ways. From promoting emotional healing and spiritual growth to promoting physical healing and abundance, pink opal is a stone that can be cherished for its many benefits.

It’s very important to not expose your Opal to too much sunlight, as this stone has water within. Leaving this crystal in the sunlight for long periods of time may cause your specimen to become very dry and brittle, and potentially break. Opals are made of amorphous (non-crystalline) silica and can consist of up to 21% water. Although most opals used for jewellery are 1% to 6% water, they’re still extremely sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Never clean opal jewellery in mechanical cleaning systems, such as ultrasonic, steam, or boiling. Make sure you use mild soap only (no other cleaning solution)

Storage Recommendations
~ Store your pearl and opal jewellery separately from other pieces to minimize accidental contact or scratches.
~ Opals will craze (develop cracks on the surface) and lose their play of colour if their water evaporates. Storing your opal jewellery pieces wrapped in soft, moist cotton may prolong their life.
~ Don’t store your opal pieces in oil or glycerine. This won’t help protect them and will make cleaning more tedious and messier.
~ Keep your opal away from sources of heat or cold, like fireplaces or open windows.

It is important to note that crystal healing and other alternative therapies are not intended to replace professional medical treatment. While some people may find benefit from using crystals for healing purposes, they should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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