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Prehnite Information

Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Hardness: 6 – 7
Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus
Energy Vibration: 5
Zodiac Sign: Libra, Capricorn
Planet: Venus, Earth
Element: Water, Earth
Source: China, Scotland, Australia, USA and New Zealand
Beneficial For: Intuition, Manifesting, Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Higher Self, Angelic Communication, Inner Peace, Attunement with Higher Realms, Communication with Higher Realms, Communication with Guides. Unity of Heart and Will, Living in the Present Moment, Peace of Mind, Channelling and Grounding Higher Vibrations, Inter dimensional Communication, Connection with Nature

Prehnite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has been known to many cultures throughout history. It is a relatively rare crystal that is highly valued for its unique properties and beautiful appearance. In this article, we will explore the many aspects of Prehnite, including its geological origins, physical characteristics, and metaphysical properties.

What mine locations produce the best quality: Prehnite is a relatively rare crystal that is found in only a few locations around the world. The most important sources of Prehnite are Australia, South Africa, China, and the United States. The highest quality Prehnite is found in Australia and South Africa.

Rarity: Prehnite is considered a relatively rare crystal, which adds to its value and appeal.

What minerals make up this crystal: Prehnite is a type of silicate mineral that is composed of calcium, aluminium, and silicon. It has a chemical formula of Ca2Al(AlSi3O10)(OH)2.

Range of Colours: Prehnite is usually green, but it can also be yellow, brown, or white. The colour of Prehnite depends on the presence of trace elements such as iron and manganese.

Historical Use: Prehnite has been used for centuries by healers and spiritual practitioners. In ancient times, it was believed to have healing properties and was used to treat a variety of ailments. It was also used to promote lucid dreaming and enhance intuition. In addition, it was used as a protective talisman to ward off negative energy and evil spirits.

Lightworkers Use: In modern times, Prehnite is used by many spiritual practitioners to promote peace, calmness, and relaxation. It is believed to help release emotional baggage and promote inner peace. It is also used to enhance intuition and spiritual growth.

Spiritual Benefits: Prehnite is known for its ability to promote peace and calmness. It is believed to help release negative emotions such as anger, fear, and jealousy. It is also used to enhance intuition and spiritual growth, as well as to facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

Metaphysical Uses: Prehnite is used for a variety of metaphysical purposes, including healing, meditation, and spiritual development. It is believed to help promote physical healing, especially of the heart and lungs. It is also used to enhance psychic abilities and facilitate communication with spirit guides and angels.

Physical Healing Benefits: Prehnite is believed to have a number of physical healing benefits. It is said to be beneficial for the heart and lungs, as well as for the immune system. It is also used to treat kidney and bladder problems, as well as to help with weight loss.

Feng Shui Use: In Feng Shui, Prehnite is believed to be a powerful crystal for promoting peace and tranquillity. It is used to enhance the energy flow in the home or workplace and to promote harmony and balance. It is also used to attract abundance and prosperity.

Prehnite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has been valued for centuries for its unique properties and beauty. It is a rare crystal that is highly sought after by collectors and spiritual practitioners alike. Its many benefits, both physical and spiritual, make it a valuable addition to any crystal collection.

It is important to note that crystal healing and other alternative therapies are not intended to replace professional medical treatment. While some people may find benefit from using crystals for healing purposes, they should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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