Abundance Misting Spray


The abundance oil is made with basil, sage, neroli and patchouli essential oils. When combined, they create a powerful alchemy to help you shift your mindset and purify the environment, to attract more abundance into your life.

Use this misting spray as an aura spray, room spray, on crystals, crystal boards and where ever you intuitively feel it is needed such as lightly spraying to your wallet or purse for monetary abundance and protection.

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Basil Essential Oil balances and harmonizes a person, allowing the light of the spirit to illuminate the soul. It wards off negative energies or entities which may be bringing unwanted vibes into the house. Basil Essential Oil is used for wealth, good luck and money matters.

Neroli Essential Oil is used in rituals of self-​purification, courage, Love and Luck. Brings the calm of being touched by angel wings. It brings light and joy to lift one out of the darkness. It bring peace to the soul and reaches the higher self and spiritual parts of our being.

Patchouli Essential Oil brings a sense of sacredness of life. It is an oil of prosperity and is used in money rituals to bring good fortune, luck, employment and increase business opportunities.

Sage Essential Oil cleanses and purifies. It repels negative energies and is commonly used to empower specific objects. It can be used to purify environments, to truly connect into the spirit of our home. Every home does have a heart. Sage essential oil brings the wisdom of the ages into our hearts.


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