Buddha Tiger’s Eye Bracelet (Enlightenment, Spiritual Alignment, Protection)


Introducing our Buddha Charmed Tiger’s Eye Bracelet, a powerful fusion of spiritual symbolism and the grounding energy of Tiger’s Eye. This exquisite bracelet features a delicately crafted Buddha charm, representing enlightenment, inner peace, and spiritual awakening. The golden hues of Tiger’s Eye bring strength, courage, and protection, making it a perfect companion for your spiritual journey. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to stay centred and aligned with your higher self, even amidst life’s challenges. Let the tranquil energy of the Buddha and the grounding properties of Tiger’s Eye guide you towards a state of harmony and balance. Elevate your spiritual practice with this meaningful and beautifully crafted accessory.

5mm beads.

All bracelets are cleansed, charged and blessed with reiki.

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