Dainty Diamante Evil Eye Silver Necklace (Protection, Intuition, Empowerment)


Introducing our enchanting Dainty Diamante Evil Eye Silver Necklace, a captivating embodiment of style and spiritual symbolism. This delicate necklace features an intricately crafted Evil Eye pendant adorned with glistening diamante crystals, suspended gracefully from a fine silver chain. Beyond its visual charm, the necklace holds profound metaphysical significance, offering wearers a harmonious fusion of elegance and protective energies.

The centrepiece of this necklace is the mesmerizing Evil Eye pendant, an ancient symbol revered for its ability to shield against negative energies and malicious intentions. The Evil Eye’s timeless design, elegantly portrayed with delicate diamante crystals, serves as a guardian that deflects harm and promotes a sense of tranquillity. By adorning oneself with this pendant, wearers invite a constant protective aura, creating a shield that fosters emotional well-being.

Chain: 45cm with 5cm extension
Metal: Nickle (Anti-tarnish Treated)

Please read below for jewellery care instructions

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Metaphysical Benefits:

1. Warding Off Negativity: The Dainty Diamante Evil Eye Silver Necklace acts as a graceful guardian, warding off negativity and unfavourable influences. The pendant’s alluring design creates a metaphysical barrier that repels harm, allowing wearers to move through life with heightened confidence and serenity. As wearers embrace the necklace’s energy, they invite an added layer of safeguarding that supports emotional equilibrium.

2. Amplifying Positive Vibes: The glittering diamante crystals elegantly embedded in the pendant enhance its metaphysical properties. Diamante crystals are known for their clarity and amplification qualities, aligning perfectly with the Evil Eye’s protective energy. Wearing this necklace can amplify positive vibrations, encouraging wearers to radiate optimism and attract harmonious experiences. It becomes a conduit for uplifting energies that enhance the wearer’s overall well-being.

3. Subtle Elegance and Versatility: Beyond its spiritual attributes, the Dainty Diamante Evil Eye Silver Necklace is a testament to understated elegance. Its delicate design makes it a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions, whether layered with other necklaces or worn as a charming standalone piece. Wearers not only adorn themselves with a stylish accent but also invite the necklace’s protective and amplifying energies into their everyday life.

Jewellery Care

To keep it looking its best and maintain its lustre, follow these jewellery care tips:

  1. Keep it Clean: Regularly clean your bracelet to remove dirt, oils, and residue that can accumulate from daily wear. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the surface of the bracelet after each use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the anti-tarnish film and the metal finish.
  2. Avoid Moisture and Chemicals: Exposure to moisture, sweat, and chemicals can damage the anti-tarnish film and the nickel-based metal. Remove the bracelet before swimming, showering, or engaging in physical activities that might cause excessive perspiration. Additionally, keep your bracelet away from household cleaning products, perfume, hairspray, and lotions, as these may cause discoloration or affect the anti-tarnish properties.
  3. Store Properly: When not wearing the bracelet, store it in a jewellery box or a soft pouch to protect it from scratches and prevent exposure to air and moisture. Avoid storing your nickel-based bracelet with other metal jewellery that may cause scratching or tarnishing. If possible, store it in a cool, dry place to prevent damage.
  4. Be Mindful of Abrasive Surfaces: Be cautious when wearing the bracelet with clothing or accessories that have rough or abrasive surfaces. Avoid rubbing the bracelet against hard materials or metal surfaces, as this may scratch or damage the anti-tarnish film.


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