Dalmatian Jasper


Dalmatian Jasper will help you stay grounded in reality and decrease or eliminate your sense of disillusionment. The healing energies of this stone promote love, loyalty, and long-term relationships. Elevates mood and brings joy back into your life.

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Crystal System: Monoclinic
Hardness: 5 – 7.5
Chakra: Solar, Sacral, Root
Energy Vibration: 6
Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Virgo
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth
Source: Mexico
Beneficial For: Nourishing and Rejuvenation, Personal Will, Past Lives, Past Life Recall, Passion, Organization, Opportunities, Nurturing, Physical Healing, New Beginnings, Motivation, Mental Enhancement, Meditation, Manifestation, Longevity, Living in the Present Moment, Life Path, Sexuality, Transformation, Stress Relief, Strength, Spiritual Awakening, Leadership, Sense of Purpose, Self-Discovery, Self- Healing, Self-Discipline, Resolution, Prosperity, Power, Consciousness, Courage, Confidence, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Channeling, Action, Creating Your Own Reality, Focus, Knowledge, Joy, Intention Enhancement, Inspiration, Insight, Growth, Grounding, Expansion, Expanded Awareness, Exercising and Sports, Energy Transfer, Determination, Decisiveness, Creativity

Dalmatian Stone helps strengthen your connection with Mother Earth, while also channeling one’s personal will in the physical realm. This unique mineral helps one pursue their goals and provides the necessary tools needed along their journey. Dalmatian Stone raises one’s confidence level and brings it to the forefront, showing you that you are fully in control of your life path. The drive that radiates off this crystal is unprecedented. You will almost immediately sense an overwhelming obsession for accomplishing all your dreams. As you work with this stone and tap into the powerful vibrations that emanate from it, one will find themselves questioning their surroundings. This is due in part to one’s internal vibration being raised, while also being centered on your own personal desires. Dalmatian Stone is here to show you that your voice is the loudest and that it will help you disconnect from negative energies that stunt your personal growth. By listening to your inner consciousness and allowing your soul to speak, one will know the way that is most resourceful for them. Dalmatian Stone will provide everlasting comfort when dealing with these confusing times. It will also constantly promote your own well-being before others and will serve as a daily reminder of that.


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