Danburite Macramé Hair Wrap


Danburite is a very high vibrational stone that activates and aligns one’s heart and crown chakras together. This unique channel allows one the ability to process any emotions with a clear and conscious mind, while also raising one’s decision-making ability.

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These hair wraps are very easy to use, they have a slip knot for easy fitting and removal.

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For more information on this crystal, click: Danburite Information

Macramé hair wraps incorporating crystals are believed to offer spiritual benefits based on the metaphysical properties associated with both the crystals and the art of macramé. Here are some reasons why crystal macramé hair wraps are considered spiritually beneficial:

Crystal Energy Transfer:
Crystals are believed to have unique energy vibrations and properties. When incorporated into a macramé hair wrap, these crystals may transfer their energy directly to the wearer. This can potentially enhance spiritual well-being and provide a sense of balance and harmony.

Symbolic Significance:
Different crystals carry symbolic meanings and are associated with various aspects of spirituality. Wearing a crystal macramé hair wrap can serve as a symbolic representation of certain qualities or intentions that the crystal embodies, fostering a connection to those spiritual aspects.

Energy Alignment:
Macramé, as an art form, involves intricate knotting techniques. Some believe that the process of creating a macramé hair wrap infuses it with the intention and energy of the creator. This energy, combined with the properties of the crystals, can contribute to aligning and balancing the wearer’s spiritual energy.

Chakra Alignment:
If specific crystals associated with certain chakras are used in the macramé hair wrap, it may be thought to help align and balance those energy centres. This alignment is believed to promote overall spiritual well-being and enhance the flow of energy throughout the body.

Mindful Adornment:
Wearing a crystal macramé hair wrap can serve as a form of mindful adornment. The act of consciously choosing and wearing a piece with spiritual significance can contribute to a sense of mindfulness and intentionality in one’s spiritual journey.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the look AWESOME!




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