Gold Aum Lava Stone Bracelet ~ 8mm Beads


Lava stones, formed from volcanic lava, possess powerful metaphysical benefits that can enhance your well-being and spiritual journey. These stones are renowned for their grounding and calming energy, helping to anchor your energy and promote a sense of stability and inner peace.

As you wear this bracelet, the lava stone beads, each infused with the raw energy of the Earth, gently interact with your skin, creating a connection to the Earth’s nurturing and stabilizing forces. This grounding energy can provide you with a sense of stability, strength, and balance, allowing you to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

The centrepiece of this bracelet is the gold Aum sign. Aum, also known as Om, is a sacred symbol with deep spiritual significance. It represents the primordial sound from which the universe originated. Wearing the Aum symbol can help you tap into the universal consciousness and connect with your inner self, promoting a sense of harmony and unity.

The combination of lava stones and the Aum sign creates a powerful synergy of energy and symbolism. This bracelet serves as a reminder to be present, to embrace the interconnectedness of all things, and to explore the depths of your spiritual being. It can support your meditation and mindfulness practices, aiding in the journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and spiritual transformation.

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