Gold Sheen Obsidian Gautama Buddha Head


Golden Sheen Obsidian is brown or black colored Obsidian that reflects a golden sheen on its surface as a result of gas bubbles being trapped in between its layers as the molten lava began to cool while the Obsidian was forming.

Buddha and Feng Shui:

Buddha at the Entry
A Buddha at the entry of your home can be a powerful spiritual reminder as you leave or enter your home.

Buddha in Gen (Knowledge area)
Place a Buddha in the knowledge area of your home or bedroom with the intention cultivate and deepen your self-knowledge.

Buddha in Qian (Benefactors area)
If you’d like to invite more helpful people and support in your life, a Buddha in the benefactors area of your home or bedroom is recommended. If the Buddha is a heavy statue, it can also provide stability.

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