Golden Tiger Eye with Bronze Scoria (Enhances Intuition, Amplifies Energy Flow, Grounding)


Embrace the transformative energies of our Golden Tiger Eye with Bronze Scoria stretch bracelet. Meticulously handcrafted, this exquisite piece embodies the powerful fusion of Golden Tiger Eye’s dynamic energies with the grounding influence of Bronze Scoria. The result is a bracelet that not only exudes natural beauty but also offers a wealth of metaphysical benefits for those on a spiritual journey.

The Golden Tiger Eye with Bronze Scoria stretch bracelet is more than just an accessory; it’s a powerful tool for spiritual growth and holistic well-being. This carefully crafted piece resonates with Lightworkers, Reiki practitioners, and individuals seeking vitality and balance in their spiritual journey. Embrace the dynamic energies of Golden Tiger Eye, amplified by the stabilizing influence of Bronze Scoria, as you navigate the realms of spiritual growth and energy healing.

All bracelets are cleansed, charged and blessed with reiki.

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Lightworkers Uses:
For Lightworkers, this bracelet is a beacon of higher frequencies. Golden Tiger Eye’s dynamic energy enhances intuition and spiritual insight, making it an ideal tool for those engaged in energy work and spiritual practices. The presence of Bronze Scoria further grounds and stabilizes these energies, ensuring that Lightworkers can navigate the spiritual realm with clarity and confidence.

Reiki Practitioners Uses:
As a Reiki practitioner, you’ll find this bracelet to be a valuable addition to your practice. Golden Tiger Eye’s vibrant energy amplifies the flow of Reiki energy, allowing for a more profound and targeted healing experience. The grounding influence of Bronze Scoria provides stability and balance, creating an ideal environment for deep healing and restoration during Reiki sessions.

Physical Healing Benefits:
Beyond its spiritual attributes, this bracelet offers tangible benefits for physical well-being. Golden Tiger Eye is known for its ability to boost vitality and promote a sense of well-being. It may also aid in balancing hormonal issues and supporting the digestive system. The grounding influence of Bronze Scoria further contributes to overall physical stability and balance.


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