Malachite Hippo


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The hippopotamus spirit animal stands for creativity, practicality, and stability. It asks those with this totem to follow your intuition and maintain a grounded and practical lifestyle.

The hippopotamus reminds us of our personal strength and potentially aggressive nature. It is a reminder to use your hidden strength to influence and get the best outcomes.

Call on your Hippopotamus Spirit Animal when:

Are you are feeling depressed and suffering from low self-esteem? The meaning of the hippopotamus reminds you that there’s no problem in life that you cannot resolve, and that you have the gifts to overcome all of them. It’s important to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and to strike a balance with them so that you can emerge victorious.

You are feeling trapped in a situation.

The hippopotamus symbolism shows you that you have the power to remove yourself from toxic situations. You possess inner strength, and you can count on your friends and family whenever.

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