Maligano Jasper Cabochon


Maligano Jasper is the name given to a recently discovered brecciated Jasper variety that was found in Indonesia around 2011. The name comes from the small village it was found in on the island of Sulawesi (part of the four Greater Sunda Islands). It forms in ancient volcanic hot spring areas. It contains multiple different colors of Jasper (blue, red, orange, yellow, grey and beige) with veins of a greyish-silver Agate that has filled the cavities. The depot of which it is mined is largely inaccessible, and there is a limited amount that is usually pulled out of the ground. This makes this crystal highly sought after and expensive.

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for more information on this crystal, click Maligano Jasper Information

Please let me know if you would like this set in SILVER for R900.

See The Pixie Cove for her amazing macrame jewellery that she can assist you in setting this beauty in.



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