Manifesting Spell Worksheet


I have included instructions below on how to use this worksheet. A lot of these steps are optional so it is best to use your intuition. Enjoy!

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You can use the following crystals in your ceremony:
1. Rose Quartz
2. Pyrite
3. Citrine
4. Amethyst
5. Green Aventurine
6. Clear Quartz (Program it)
7. Transvaal Jade
8. Carnelian
9. Black Obsidian
10. Dendritic Agate (Abundance)

I like to use these crystals in a point formation as it directs the energies on your intentions directly to the angelic realms, however any shape will do.

**I have included the pentagram for protection on the worksheet as well as the Metatron’s Cube for manifestation energies.


Cleansing your area and all your items is especially important, this includes your pan and spell worksheet. You can even go the extra mile and make sure you, yourself are cleansed by fasting and bathing before your spell preparation. You can make sure that you only wear cotton during your ritual, white is preferred.

Make sure you cleanse all your materials. You can use any of these options or all if you see fit.

1. Run the items through smoke of white sage or sandalwood. This can be either incense or a smudge stick.
2. Use sound in your area, such as a bell, singing bowl or singing. I prefer using authentic sound, however some people like using their phones to play music.
3. Envisage a white light in your area, covering you and your items. Do this for about 5 min.
4. You can now light any candles you wish to use, once you have cleansed them. (e.g.: Black for protection, white for purification and green for manifesting.)


Sit in a calm and quiet state and free your mind of any intrusive thoughts. Once you have reached this state of calm and peace, envisage what you want manifest in the most detail as you can. The colours, the lighting, the sounds, the smells and the time of day, the ambiance and whatever is relevant to what you want manifest.


Once you have your clear picture head, write down all the important details. Include any notes you which, the date of the ceremony and the timeframe that you wish it to be completed.


Now read out aloud what you have written including the typed-out spell part on your worksheet.

Now fold your spell and place your crystal on top of your worksheet. If you don’t have a crystal, use something heavy to keep it from blowing it away and keep it in sunlight energies. Include a cleansed coin if you are wanting to manifest wealth.

Happy manifesting.


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