RARE Dendritic Golden Healer Freeform ~ 3


These pieces I found are exceptionally rare, hence the price.

Only 5kgs were unearthed in Madagascar and so they were polished as is.

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The Dendritic Golden Healer is an extraordinary and rare crystal that stands out for its exceptional qualities, contributing to its relatively high price in the market. What makes this crystal particularly unique is the intricate, fern-like patterns or inclusions known as dendrites that grace its golden surface. These dendritic formations, often resembling delicate plants frozen in time, are a result of mineral inclusions during the crystal’s formation. Each Dendritic Golden Healer is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, showcasing the intricate beauty of nature encapsulated within its crystalline structure.

The rarity of Dendritic Golden Healer stems from the limited occurrence of such formations in nature. The intricate interplay of minerals required to create these mesmerizing dendrites is a geological phenomenon that happens in select crystal formations. As a result, the extraction of Dendritic Golden Healer crystals is a meticulous process, further contributing to their scarcity. Collectors and crystal enthusiasts value the rarity of this unique specimen, recognizing that each piece is a testament to the Earth’s geological artistry and the passage of time. The scarcity of Dendritic Golden Healer crystals, coupled with their captivating beauty and potential spiritual benefits, adds to their allure and contributes to their higher market price.

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