Reiki Energy Cleansing


Please note, due to Covid-19, I am only doing distant healing sessions. This has been practiced for many years and is just as effective as in person as energy is not bound by space nor time.

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master with a dual linage, 9th removed from Sensei Mikao Usui.

These session around around 1 hour long.

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During these sessions, I will use reiki to connect with your energies. Please advise beforehand if you give me permission to remove negative cords of attachment (Please read below for an explanation on cords of attachment). When I do an energy cleanse, I conduct a deep energy reading as well. I will balance your chakras for you and give you feedback after your session. Every session is different.

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Here is a scripture that I always hold dear to my heart when dealing with the nature of humans.

Our thoughts and actions are like a fragrance in the spiritual world. They attract negative and positive beings. Just like us as humans, we like pleasant fragrances and avoid stenches. It is the same is in the spiritual realm. Our actions and thoughts give off fragrances and odours that attract spiritual beings. In the negative sense, the more stenches (negative energy) we give off, the more negative beings gather around us. The longer they are there, the stronger the connection/bond/cord is formed to the energetic body. When these bonds are very strong, the person will experience symptoms of oppression. These manifest in multiple forms of exclusion, exploitation, control, and violence. You can also get cords of attachments from oppressed people and visa versa. Your energy body comprises of 7 main chakra centers. Please see the “Chakra Symptoms Chart” below to see if you can relate to any of the symptoms. Cutting these cords allows your energy body to heal. These cords can attach again if you do not take precautions to avoid people that have oppression or if you continue in bad habits.


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