Serpentine (Antigorite) Specimen


Serpentine is a name for a collective amount of minerals that form together under different hydrothermal formations and temperatures, namely: Lizardite, Williamsite, Verde-Antique, Chrysotile, Bowenite, Antigorite, Ricolite and Connemara Marble (Irish Marble) to name a few.

There are FAR too many trade names that slip in-between. Remember a trade name “justifies” the seller to increase the prices (sometimes). Sometimes the trade names have just become colloquial. I’ve attempted to do an in-depth write up so you can identify what kind of serpentine you have. Please see below for trade names to look out for.

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For more information on this crystal, click Serpentine Information

Some trade names to be aware of:

  • Healerite is just lime green Serpentine (it also has the trade names of Nobel Serpentine/New Jade).
  • Infinite Stone, is just light green to olive green Serpentine.
  • False Jade/Teton Jade, which is Bowenite most of the time.


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