Tulasi Healing Masala Incense


Tulasi Healing Masala Incense is a mix of Lavender and Geranium, Vetiver, Tremoss and Patchouli notes. A warm and pleasant incense that touches your soul.

Masala Incense is a traditional Indian incense made using natural gums, resins, herbs, spices, honey, essential oils & fragrance. Tulasi Masala Incense is made with incense making skills passed down through three generations of fine incense makers.

Tulasi Brand:

  • Hand-made Incense
  • Non-toxic
  • Not tested on Animals
  • No Child Labour Used
  • Alcohol Free

Read below on how this Healing incense blend with benefit you.

Embrace the sacred alchemy of Tulasi Healing Masala Incense, and let its aromatic symphony elevate your soul to new dimensions of spiritual awareness and well-being.

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Tulasi Healing Masala Incense: A Symphony of Spiritual Aromas

Infused with the divine essence of nature, Tulasi Healing Masala Incense is a harmonious blend that transcends the ordinary. This exquisite composition combines the ethereal fragrances of lavender and geranium, entwining with the grounding notes of vetiver, tremoss, and patchouli. Together, they create a tapestry of scents that resonates deeply within the soul.

Metaphysical Benefits of Lavender and Geranium, Vetiver, Tremoss, and Patchouli Incense Blend:

  • Harmony and Balance: This unique blend of scents creates a harmonious atmosphere that resonates with the energies of balance and equilibrium.
  • Soothing and Calming: Lavender and geranium are known for their calming properties, helping to ease stress, anxiety, and promote a sense of tranquillity.
  • Grounding and Stabilizing: Vetiver’s earthy aroma anchors the blend, providing a grounding effect that helps stabilize emotions and energies.
  • Connection to Nature: The inclusion of tremoss enhances the connection to nature, fostering a sense of unity with the natural world.
  • Transformative Energies: Patchouli’s transformative properties invite a sense of self-assuredness and strength, aiding in personal growth and inner transformation.
  • Spiritual Awakening: The combination of these scents creates a conducive environment for spiritual practices, aiding in meditation and inner exploration.
  • Elevated Consciousness: The aromatic blend may assist in raising consciousness and expanding awareness, facilitating deeper states of meditation and introspection.
  • Positive Energy and Protection: The incense may create a protective barrier against negative energies, allowing for a more positive and uplifting atmosphere.
  • Enhanced Intuition and Creativity: The blend’s unique combination of scents can stimulate intuitive abilities and creative thinking, making it beneficial for spiritual and artistic endeavours.
  • Promotes Emotional Healing: The nurturing properties of lavender and geranium, coupled with the transformative effects of patchouli, can aid in emotional healing and self-discovery.
  • Alleviates Tension and Stress: The calming effects of lavender and geranium, along with the grounding nature of vetiver, work together to alleviate tension and stress, promoting relaxation.
  • Enhances Sleep Quality: Burning this incense blend in the bedroom can create an environment conducive to restful sleep, aiding in the improvement of sleep quality.
  • Encourages Self-Love and Compassion: The blend’s gentle and nurturing energies promote self-love, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Cleansing and Purifying: The incense may have cleansing properties, helping to clear the energy in a space and create a sacred and purified environment.
  • Promotes Inner Strength: The transformative energies of patchouli can inspire a sense of inner strength and confidence, aiding in personal empowerment.

Embrace the powerful and transformative energies of this unique incense blend. Allow it to elevate your space, promote inner harmony, and support your spiritual journey towards self-discovery and growth. As the fragrant tendrils of Tulasi Healing Masala Incense weave through your space, they carry with them not just scents, but an energy that transcends the physical realm. This warm and pleasant incense has a profound ability to touch the very core of your being, inviting a sense of calm, introspection, and spiritual awakening.

Ignite this incense with intention, allowing the fragrant plumes to envelop you in a cocoon of healing energies. Let it be a companion on your spiritual journey, guiding you towards inner harmony and enlightenment. Incorporate Tulasi Healing Masala Incense into your daily rituals, meditation practices, or simply let it infuse your space with its transformative aura. Allow its essence to be a conduit for your own inner healing and growth.



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