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Red Jasper Information

Crystal System: Hexagonal
Hardness: 6.5 – 7
Chakra: Sacral and Root
Energy Vibration: 6
Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Scorpio
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth
Source: Brazil, France, Germany, India, Russia, and the United States.
Beneficial For: Manifestation, Prosperity, Organization, Opportunities, New Beginnings, Motivation, Meditation, Mastering Fear, Leadership, Knowledge, Intuition, Inspiration, Insight, Spiritual Awakening, Wisdom, Strength, Abundance, Balancing Polarities, Attraction, Adventures, Growth, Grounding

Red Jasper, also known as the “Stone of Endurance,” is a popular and widely used gemstone with a rich history and a range of spiritual and metaphysical properties. It is a form of chalcedony and is known for its deep red colour and unique patterns.

What locations mine the best quality of material? Red Jasper is found in many locations around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Australia, and India. The best quality material is typically found in Brazil, where the stone is mined and then exported to be used in jewellery and spiritual practices.

Rarity: Red Jasper is considered a common gemstone and is widely available. However, high-quality specimens with intense colour and unique patterns are considered rare and highly prized by collectors.

Historical Use: Red Jasper has a long and rich history and has been used by many cultures for various purposes. In ancient times, it was believed to be a powerful talisman and was used to protect against evil spirits and negativity. It was also used by warriors and hunters as a source of courage and strength.

Lightworkers Use: In the modern era, Red Jasper is commonly used by lightworkers and spiritual practitioners. It is believed to possess a range of powerful properties that can aid in spiritual growth and development. It is said to help balance the chakras, promote grounding and stability, and enhance spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Benefits: Red Jasper is believed to possess a range of spiritual benefits. It is said to help one connect with the earth and the energies of nature, promoting a sense of harmony and balance. It is also believed to help with spiritual grounding and the release of negative energy and emotions.

Metaphysical Uses: In addition to its spiritual benefits, Red Jasper is also believed to possess a range of metaphysical properties. It is said to have a grounding and stabilizing effect on the aura, helping to clear and balance the energy field. It is also believed to promote vitality and endurance, making it a popular choice for athletes and those with demanding lifestyles.

Physical Healing Benefits: Red Jasper is believed to possess a range of physical healing benefits as well. It is said to be beneficial for the circulatory system, helping to improve blood flow and oxygenation. It is also believed to be helpful for the digestive system, promoting healthy digestion and aiding in the absorption of nutrients.

Feng Shui Use: In Feng Shui, Red Jasper is believed to be a powerful tool for promoting balance and harmony in the home. It is said to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, promoting relaxation and positive energy flow. Placing Red Jasper in the bedroom is believed to promote restful sleep and peaceful dreams.

Red Jasper is a popular and widely used gemstone with a rich history and a range of spiritual and metaphysical properties. Its deep red colour and unique patterns make it a beautiful addition to any collection, and its powerful properties make it a valuable tool for those seeking spiritual growth and development. Whether used for meditation, healing, or simply as a decorative piece, Red Jasper is sure to bring positive energy and vitality into your life.

It is important to note that crystal healing and other alternative therapies are not intended to replace professional medical treatment. While some people may find benefit from using crystals for healing purposes, they should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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