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Shungite Information

Crystal System: Amorphous Carbon
Hardness: 4
Chakra: All
Energy Vibration: 5
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer
Planet: Saturn
Element: Fire, Air
Source: Russia
Beneficial For: EMF Protection, Strength, Clarity, Protection, Clearing, Cleansing, Elimination Toxins

Noble Science Prize
In 1996 the Nobel Peace Prize for science was awarded to three scientists that found naturally occurring antioxidants within Shungite. These are new forms of the element carbon; they are known as “fullerenes” and have been used in scientific breakthroughs ever since. Peter the Great knew of Shungite’s healing capabilities and set up the first Russian spa near the deposit, to make use of its water purifying abilities. Peter even insisted that his soldiers carry a piece of Shungite with them to purify their water on the go.

Noble Shungite
A purer form of Shungite called Noble Shungite, or Elite Shungite is extremely rare and has a silver gleen on its surface. The pure stone’s rarity makes it expensive and also very challenging to get your hands on. Its physical structure is almost completely Carbon, leading to fewer impurities of other elements. Shungite has a plethora of healing capabilities that can assist any person in need. Shungite naturally has electrical conducting properties that help inhibit electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields, which contain trace amounts of radiation, are produced by all common household electronics. Placing Shungite at the base of the electronic and on the back of your phone will help drastically reduce the radial output without interfering with the operations.

Shungite is a unique and fascinating stone that has captured the attention of crystal enthusiasts and healers around the world. With its exceptional properties, it’s no wonder that shungite has gained popularity in recent years. In this article, we will explore the best locations for mining shungite, its historical use, lightworker applications, spiritual benefits, metaphysical uses, physical healing benefits, and even its feng shui applications.

What locations mine the best quality of material? Shungite is only found in one place on Earth – the Republic of Karelia, in Russia. This area is home to the world’s largest shungite deposit, which is believed to have formed over two billion years ago. The shungite deposit is found near Lake Onega in the region of Zaonezhie, where shungite has been mined for centuries.

Historical Use: Shungite has been used for centuries in Russia for its healing properties. Peter the Great of Russia was known to have used shungite to purify water for his soldiers, and it was also used to treat various illnesses. Shungite has been documented in Russian history as a powerful tool for purification and protection.

Lightworkers Use: For lightworkers, shungite is a powerful tool for grounding and protection. It is said to help one connect with the earth’s energy, promoting feelings of stability and security. Shungite is also believed to provide a protective shield against negative energies, making it an excellent crystal for those who work in healing or spiritual fields.

Spiritual Benefits: Shungite is known for its spiritual benefits, particularly its ability to promote balance and harmony. It is believed to help one connect with higher consciousness, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment. Shungite is also said to promote feelings of peace and calm, allowing one to let go of stress and negative emotions.

Metaphysical Uses: Metaphysically, shungite is believed to have many uses. It is said to be a powerful tool for purification and detoxification, both physically and energetically. Shungite is also believed to enhance one’s intuitive abilities, promoting a deeper connection to the spiritual realm. It is also said to help one release negative energies and emotions, promoting emotional healing and balance.

Physical Healing Benefits: In addition to its spiritual and metaphysical benefits, shungite is also believed to have physical healing properties. It is said to help alleviate a variety of physical ailments, including respiratory issues, digestive problems, and skin conditions. Shungite is also believed to help boost the immune system and promote overall health and well-being.

Feng Shui: In feng shui, shungite is believed to bring balance and harmony to the home. It is often used to promote a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an excellent addition to any meditation or relaxation space. Shungite is also said to promote healthy energy flow throughout the home, making it an excellent crystal for those who are looking to promote a peaceful and harmonious living environment.

Shungite is a powerful and unique stone that offers a wide range of spiritual, metaphysical, and physical healing benefits. Whether you’re a lightworker looking to promote grounding and protection, or someone who simply wants to promote balance and harmony in your life, shungite is an excellent crystal to add to your collection.

It is important to note that crystal healing and other alternative therapies are not intended to replace professional medical treatment. While some people may find benefit from using crystals for healing purposes, they should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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