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Yttrium Fluorite Information

Also called Lavender Fluorite. This stone is unique in that it is a variant type of fluorite from Mexico, where about 20% of the calcium is replaced by one of the rare minerals, the element yttrium, hence the name.

It is rare and unlike other types of fluorites, it commonly forms in masses rather than in crystals. It has a rounded form with lovely soft feel to it, even though it is of course a hard rock.

Crystal System: Cubic, Isometric
Hardness: 4
Chakra: Etheric, Crown, Third Eye, Heart
Energy Vibration: 7
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Source: Mexico
Beneficial For: Aids on in Mediumship, Spiritual Growth, Manifestation Crystal, Stimulates Creativity

This stone is a stone that has been around for many years. It is a mysterious stone and it is known to be part of ancient oceans and has microorganisms that have been around for many years. This stone is believed to be made of organisms that have died and have been embedded in rocks and came to earth from space on a meteorite. This stone is full of good properties and is very powerful. This stone can help to boost your psychic communication and help you to increase your intuition. If you keep a dream journal, you will find that this stone is great to change your life and you can keep it under your pillow while you sleep and it can help your body and mind. This stone can help you to keep a dream record and if you use the crystal, don’t forget to write in your journal and put all the dreams that you have had and not to forget to mention your coincidence and synchronicity that happens in your life. If you haven’t noticed things that happen in your life before, pay attention to things as they change and the synchronistic events that come. Allow the flow of coincidence and synchronicity to flow through your life and use this stone to make negative karma go away. When you have the gift of automatic writing, this stone can help you and it reaches your higher heart chakra.

Lavender, Yttrium Fluorite is an unusual, rare and beautiful form of purple Fluorite from Mexico. It is unusual in the fact that it does not cleave as other varieties of Fluorite and is extremely dense. Fluorite is known for being a mental body stone, but Yttrium is very different in the fact that it is attached to the physical world. While this may seem an unusual property for a mentally orientated mineral, it does serve an important function. Many people are too mentally oriented, they are thinkers, philosophers and dreamers who lack the discipline or grounded-ness to bring their ideas into reality. Yttrium Fluorite assists in grounding the ideas of these thinkers by manifesting those plans–making things happen. Another way the energies of this stone maybe utilized is by bringing down mental concepts to a level more readily understood by the average person. Minerals such as Selenite give us access into higher wisdom, Calcite can bridge the gap between that reality and our own, but a mineral such as Yttrium Fluorite will bring that information down through the physical plane to a level more easily understood

Double Pyramid: Aligns spirit with physical plane, inner with outer awareness, and 2 sides/brain; Crown Chakra, illuminating karmic lessons.

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