Lets Talk Citrine

Now this is a topic that I have devoted a lot of time to in terms of their science as well as their energies. I hope this sheds some light on the subjust for all those avid citrine lovers out there.

For as long as humans have prized crystals, Citrine has long been uses as “The Merchant’s Stone, citrine was thought to assist in acquiring wealth by increasing income in a business and maintaining the wealth. A premier manifesting crystal! It was thought to make men handsome and smart and make sterile women conceive. Citrine does not hold negative energy or accumulate it either but dissipates and grounds it.

Natural Citrine is always going to cost more than man made, as it’s a rare quartz formation, I would like to assist you with the knowledge that I have that if you’re paying top prices, you’re getting what you paid for. In the same breath, all the citrines available hold the properties of citrine, with a few deviations here and there.

Natural cirtrine comes out the ground, as is, without man’s intervention. The hues go from a tea colour yellow with hues of lemon yellows or with hues of browns or hues of green. It gets it’s colouring from iron deposits and the earths’ environment. Most citrine starts out as amethyst. It therefore shares the same dichroic (different shades at different angels) properties as amethyst. The earth will either heat the amethyst up or radiate it to form citrine, that has been citrine for millennia. The energies of natural citrine tend to work alongside it’s holders’ limits and abilities, this is why natural is the way to go, but it’s very expensive.

Smoky citrine can be found in it’s natural from. This is citrine that started out as smoky quartz, mostly intrusive igneous rocks which contain traces of radioactive elements whose radiation cause the colouration. The man-made forms of these have “black smoky” parts. Brazil produces incredible natural smoky, phantom citrines that have a brilliant yellow. Natural smoky citrine is extremely grounding whereas its manmade counterpart is not as potent, but still holds the properties of citrine.

HTA (Heat Treated Citrine)
Heat treated citrine is amethyst that get baked by man. This process forms a very orange hues which are never natural. This crystal in my opinion has much more grounding properties than any other citrine, including smoky citrine. I do believe that despite its colour manipulation by man, it is the reason it remains popular amongst collectors and healers.

This is a form of citrine that can be found naturally. Man-made forms are made from carefully selected quality of amethyst and placed under radiation. The natural forms of these hold very similar energies to their man-made counterparts except the man-made counter parts are bolder, require more focus and the natural are more serene.

And so, in conclusion, I never use the term “FAKE” as it is a crystal that has held its structure for millennia and holds the same properties as citrine. Any yellow crystal renders the power of the Golden and Yellow Ray which gives them their incredible properties.

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