Sodalite Information

Crystal System: Cubic
Hardness: 5.5 – 6
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat
Energy Vibration: 4
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Planet: Venus
Element: AirAir
Source: British Columbia. Smaller deposits are found in South America, Portugal, Romania, Burma and Russia
Beneficial For: Psychic Abilities, Intuition, Communication, Meditation, Clairvoyance, Truth, Self-Discipline, Higher Self, Inner Vision, Angelic Communication, Communication With Higher Realms, Communication with Guides, Inter-dimensional Communication, Intention Enhancement, Alignment with the Higher Self

Enhances intuition and connection with higher energy sources, helps one communicate their truth. Sodalite stimulates the pineal gland and the third eye chakra deepening meditation.

Sodalite is a stone of insight and mental enhancement. These vibrations are the key to unlocking deepened intuition. By expanding these energies, it allows us to get over the mental hurdles that we may struggle with daily. Sodalite enhances your mental capabilities and allows the natural contradictions of your mind to slowly weaken. It is a personal stone in the sense that it dives deep into your subconscious and forces you to evaluate yourself. Through this, you will be able to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

Sodalite also assists in the development of one’s intuition and Clairvoyance. The stone’s high vibrations aid truth and will help you better understand yourself and what needs to be worked on. Being able to be in such a calm and reflective state will assist in pulling out the negativity within.