African Bloodstone Skull with Pyrite Inclusions


Also known as Setonite.

Introducing our exquisite African Bloodstone Skull, a captivating piece adorned with mesmerizing Pyrite inclusions. This unique skull, measuring 3.5cm, is a stunning fusion of the grounding energies of Bloodstone and the protective properties of Pyrite. Bloodstone, known for its revitalizing properties, is believed to enhance vitality and courage. The addition of Pyrite infuses the skull with a powerful shield against negative energies, making it an ideal companion for spiritual warriors. This intricately carved skull not only exudes natural beauty but also offers a wealth of metaphysical benefits. Whether used in meditation, energy work, or as a cherished adornment, this African Bloodstone Skull with Pyrite Inclusions is a tangible symbol of strength and protection on your spiritual journey. Embrace the harmonious energies it embodies and allow it to guide you towards balance and empowerment.

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For more information on this crystal, click Pyrite Information and African Bloodstone Information

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